It Began In 1949...

Culver's Liquor was the first established retail liquor store in McPherson County Kansas. After Prohibition was finally repealed by the citizens of Kansas in 1949, Brian and Blanche Culver opened Culver's at 820 W. Kansas Ave. in McPherson.


After Brian passed in 1952, his son Gene return to help the family continue the business. In these early days, the sale of alcohol was almost totally controlled by the state. There was no cold beer, no advertising, and a very limited inventory selection. All the prices were set and controlled by the Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control.

In 1964, Gene and his mother Blanche opened a new facility at 720 Kansas Ave. The new facility also housed Culver's Sporting Goods and later, Culver's Fish Farm offices.

In 1977, Gene's son Terry opened a new store, Culver's Wines and Spirits, at 1302 N. Main St. where Culver's is located now.

For more than 56 years, Culver's has offered great selections, everyday low prices, and a hometown approach to customer service. This is what has led it to become the #1 destination for wines and spirits in Central Kansas.

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